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Technical features

1.7-inch colortouch screen control panel,deviceconfiguration printer using anall-in-one TouchPC tocontrolthe printer,to meet the customer's real-time changesto thelabel print content.

2.Double tube design,and can be automatically rotated to the mesh bag tube.No downtime duringreplacement of mesh bags,making production more continuous and significantlyincreased capacity.The buffer mechanism isinstalledonboth sides,which can effectively bufferthe impact forcewhen thematerial falls,and proect the material from damage whenfalling to reduce the loss.

3.Thewhole machine partsadopt the dustproofdesign,can pack the bigdust material,make the equipmentrun more stable,maintain moresimple and convenient.Four.The equipment is sealedby heat seal,whichsaves the time needed toinstall and replace sealingconsumables and the consumables needed forsealing.Improve production efficiency.5.Yield.30 packs/min.Minimum/maximum packing weight:200g to 2.5 kg.

Machine introduction


Power:3 KW

Frequency:50Hz Weight:1000KG