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Compounding System

Our engineers developed after many years engaged in underwater pelletizer, now the company introduced the latest underwater pelletizing technology, underwater pelletizing operation becomes more simple and easy.

The advantages of using underwater pelletizing:

Spherical particles, the size and shape to meet the order processing requirements.

To eliminate the fine particles in the conventional production of granulation and the bad smell.

Automatic quick start, no waste, high degree of automation, saving manpower.
Small footprint, flexible device placed.

Reduce operator Labor.

Automatic safety shutdown.


Co-rotating twin screw extruder has best dispersing and compounding for all the materials. Modular design can make the machine changed according to the materials and the process technology easily. It’s possible for one machine reach the extensive performance and special purpose in many places.

TE sries included screw diameter from 16-160mm. Different processing demand can be satisfied by our different screw speed and different torque output.

Various feeding system normally are volumetric feeder, gravimetric feeder can be used for more precise.

Hydraulic screen changer, non-stop screen changer, hinge die are available.

Special design for the frame with special pats makes the machine installation easily and smoothly when running.

Power transmission system: Newly strengthen design, speed reducing and torque disturbing integrated. High torque gearbox for high capacity.

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